Casino Monkey Gold


Casino Monkey Gold offers valuable utility for our NFT holders by earning passive income which will grow and compound over the long term!
80% of all commissions received from our casino partners will go back into a community wallet for distribution to NFT holders.
Casino Monkey Gold members will also have lifetime access to exclusive promotions, competitions and giveaways from our top casino partners…!
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Casino Monkey Platinum


Casino Monkey Platinum , the 2nd generation of Casino Monkeys on the Solana Blockchain.  

Casino Monkey Platinum will be going to the next level in gaming by generating income through the development of it’s own exclusively branded online casino games and the establishment of the much anticipated Metaverse Casino, complete with live events, DJs, Social Bars, Nightclubs, and special event nights.*50% of all earnings will be shared with NFT holders. Staking, tokenomics, and a burning mechanism will all be integrated into the long-term plans for CMP! Become a member of Casino Monkey Platinum!




  Our core team includes members from Generation X, Y & Z from Southeast Asia, Australia & UK. Although some of our team members are Millennials working from a basement, our management team (Gen X & Y) have a wealth of experience in finance, Marketing and business development.

   In addition to this, we have former casino management staff working closely with us in the area of collaboration and forming partnership deals with the top online casinos globally.


Launching from moonbase™  

May 28 (12am UTC) - Supply 2500 @ 1.5 SOL